Draw Down Test

Pressure Tank

The pressure tank on your water system, is to provide a drawdown. The drawdown allows you to use small amounts of water without the pump kicking on each time.

 Take the Drawdown Test

  • Step 1) Turn on faucet until pump kicks on
  • Step 2) When pump kicks on turn faucet off
  • Step 3) Pump will build up to pressure & stop (usually around 50-60 lbs)
  • Step 4) Begin filling a 5 gallon container, if pump comes on before 5 gallons the tank is causing short cycling & will cause motor damage or pump failure.
PASS: Did you pass the test? Great!
FAIL: If you did not pass the test, Your pressure tank needs attention! Give Aqua a call at 1 (888) 862-8255 for questions or service we would be happy to serve you.