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Air Charging A Pressure Tank 

Captive Air Pressure Tank
Two Types Water Pressure Tanks
Conventional Pressure Tank
Also known as Pre-charged, diaphram or bladder style tank.  Captive air tanks have a rubber or plastic membrane seperating the water from the air.  Generally speaking if this style tank becomes waterlogged, there is something wrong with the membrane and the tank will have to be replaced.  
The purpose for a pressure tank is to store enough water under pressure so the pump does not turn on every time there is a small, intermittent demand for water. The amount of water you get out of your pressure tank between the cut in & cut out is called the drawdown.  

If the pump is kicking on to frequently or whenever you use water it is referred to as short cycling.  Short Cycling will cause premature failure of your well pump.  
Also known as air over water, galvanized, hydro-pneumatic.tanks, epoxy lined etc.  Conventional tanks are simply sealed vessels that do not have a membrane or bladder seperating the air & water. Over time the air disperses and the pressure tank requires an air charge on a regular basis or whenever you notice it short cycling.  
Conventional pressure tanks require frequent air charging.

Captive air tanks should not require an aircharge.  If your captive air tank is short cycling the bladder/diaphram maybe ruptured, and the tank may need to be replaced.